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How does it work SafeApp

The best place to hide photos, files and videos

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Hide all the important files that you do not want to have from the public in private folders, no other application will have access to your hidden information.

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Military grade encryption

We encrypt all your files to have them safe and at hand when you need them, so that only you can access them with a unique password.

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Change the icon of your application to keep it hidden among the other apps on your device.

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If you change your device, you can easily recover all the files on your account.

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Security simple

Protect what is most important to you


Secure PIN:

Define a unique PIN to access your hidden files, which you can recover in case of loss, also access with your fingerprint for more security.


Automatic lock:

When placing the cell phone face down, the application closes automatically.


Backup copy:

If your device is lost or stolen, the cloud will save a backup copy that you can recover with your personal data.

SafeApp was created to protect you

Developed tailored to your needs by Mexican hands

We keep your information safe in a simple way

We are committed to keeping your files hidden so that you have complete confidence in the privacy of your information through military-grade encryption.

SafeApp team does not view your hidden files

Unless you request it, the SafeApp team does not have access to your information to view or share it. We are committed to safeguarding all the information that you decide to hide through our platform.

We do not share your personal data

In the advertisements you view through the SafeApp, the sponsors we work with only have one advertising space, at no time do they have access to your personal information.

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